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This is the post to learn everything you ever wanted to know about landscaping at Movado Greens. The pressurized irrigation is on (yay!) and for us that is a truer sign of spring than a calendar date. While these cooler temperatures and recent mountain snowfalls have hopefully bolstered our aquifers and waterways, we’re so ready for warmer temperatures! We had a chance to chat with Jon Irby, owner of Jon C Irby Landscaping, to discuss this unusual spring season and general lawncare maintenance here at Movado Greens.

Jon, owner of Jon C Irby Landscape

One of the Low Maintenance benefits of the Movado Greens lifestyle is that lawncare is provided through HOA. This includes lawncare for the front and the backyards. It also includes adding a pre-emergent product to all of the flower beds in the early spring months for each lot. That being said, homeowners may need to do some hand-weeding here and there from time to time.

Jon not only manages the landscape maintenance, but he also designed the landscape plan for the entire Movado Greens subdivision. Following the Low Maintenance theme, he appropriately chose a xeriscape style, with plant specimens that are not only mature beautifully but are also drought-tolerant and disease-resistant. Taking a closer look at the individual yards, he generally follows this structure:

Single-level attached or stand alone homes: Grassy, green spaces in the front and back yards, with flower beds appropriate for the lot size. There are a few exceptions to this, such as if the lot is unusual or perhaps on a corner. Perma-bark along the side yards.

Two-story homes: A xeriscape theme in the front yard and side yards. Grassy, green space for the backyard. Perma-bark along the side yards.

In regards to plant specimens, it is at the landscaper’s discretion, but we typically plan for one tree and four shrubs in the front yards, and one tree and three shrubs minimum in the backyards. You can learn more about these xericape plants here:

Our Low Maintenance lawncare does have some limitations. As an example, if you love gardening or have visions for designing your own backyard – Movado Greens may not be the right fit for you. Garden spots, potting sheds, trampolines, swing sets or similar items simply are not allowed. It’s because the sprinkler system is pre-designed to manage the existing plant material, and it is maintained centrally within the neighborhood. There are not individual sprinkler system boxes within each home. The watering season is determined by the area irrigation district. But if watering adjustments need to be made or a sprinkler head isn’t working properly, homeowners are encouraged to contact HOA and they will work to resolve the issue. That being said, during our very hot summer months, if there is a non-working sprinkler head in a yard, we may ask that the homeowner does some hand-watering for a few days until the crews can make the repair.

Container gardening and hanging baskets on the patio are perfectly acceptable. On the front porches, there may be a limit to the number of pots allowed by the HOA.

Any yard art or pots in flower beds need pre-approval from HOA prior to installation. (A slight segue, any modification to the exterior of the home, such as adding a screen door or a patio trellis, also needs pre-approval from HOA.)

Below is a graphic that shows the general maintenance services provided through HOA:

For Movado Greens in 2022, mowing day is Tuesday. If homeowners have pets, we ask that they pick up any pet waste prior to mowing day and make arrangements for their pet to be inside or elsewhere for that day. The cooler temperatures have caused a temporary disruption to our maintenance schedule – but we will be back on track in short order.

Costs: HOA dues in Movado Greens is $91.67 per month, and this includes landscape maintenance of all of the common areas as well. Pressurized irrigation is provided through Nampa Meridian Irrigation District, and is billed annually to each homeowner directly; we anticipate this to be around $130 each year.

For any questions regarding landscape maintenance concerns, homeowners are encouraged to contact Danielle, the HOA manager, at If there is a landscape water emergency, homeowners may contact Jon C Irby Landscaping at 208.941.5001.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this post – thank you!

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